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Sports betting is undergoing a wave of transformation with the #1 trend being the skyrocketing popularity of Same-Game Multis (Bet Builder). Odds AI plays directly into this trend with new betting markets primed to populate one’s Same-Game Multi / Bet Builder. We have an Industry leading sports portfolio currently covering 38,000 events per year. Odds AI's seamless integration process for sportsbook's and advanced machine learning technology is the future of oddsmaking.

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Punters want more options with their odds - Odds AI delivers with its innovative, comprehensive, bespoke range of odds to complement any betting company’s sportsbook. Odds AI's completely unique range of Pre-Match betting odds satisfies the market’s demand for more betting options. Odds AI gives its clients a clear point of difference and competitive advantage.  Odds AI is constantly innovating and will continue to create entirely new betting categories across a multitude of sports. 

Odds AI's groundbreaking Pre-Match Odds Service includes a plethora of never-before-seen, enticing odds. We offer flexible integration options suited to all betting platforms. 

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